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Assault By Means Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury

“My son has been diagnosed with mental health issues.  He has been accused of a felony assault by the prosecutor who wants my son to get state prison with no consideration for his mental health condition or needs.
Attorney Nghi Lam has been extremely responsive in taking the time to file all the necessary paperwork to give my son the legal representation that he needs.
Attorney Lam’s work and commitment has helped my son get the consideration and understanding from the judge for workable programs through Mental Health Diversion, rather than state prison.  
Thank you so much, Mr. Nghi Lam.  God Bless you.” 
-G. Hughes
Client Facing 2 Felony Cases: Assault and Gun Charge
“Nghi represented me on two felony cases. On both cases, I was facing state prison time. The first was for an assault and the second was a gun charge. The first one got dismissed. Nghi strategized with me every step of the way and explained why he did certain things on my case. He also explained the risks of certain strategies. The second case was also charged as a felony, but Nghi got it down to a misdemeanor, and with no jail time. Nghi always responded when I had questions. He was always there for me and he really cared about results.”
-St. Pa.
Federal Drug Case
“Nghi represented husband on a big federal case. My husband was looking at around 15-19 years in federal prison. His former lawyer said he’d get around 11 years. Nghi ended up getting my husband a little more than half of that. Aside from the great result, you could tell Nghi actually cared about my husband’s future. He was in constant contact with us. He even followed up with us afterwards to see how my husband was doing.”
Federal Felony Theft Case
“Nghi represented me on a federal case. I was facing more than 2 years in federal prison. I ended up with one month. Anytime I needed Nghi, he was always there for me, even after my release from prison. He’s the type of lawyer you know is always there for you because he actually cares about what happens with your case.”
Felony DUI with Injuries
“I was charged with felony DUI with Injuries. Nghi did everything he could to lower my chances of getting deported so he was very strategic in making sure that I was only in county jail and not state prison. He was in constant contact with my family while fighting my case. I was able to serve all of my time in county jail and not state prison. I feel like he really fought for me.”
Federal Felony Fraud Case
“I was fighting a federal felony case and I was looking at 3 and a half years of prison time–at least. Nghi fought for me every step of the way. He was always there when I had questions. I ended up getting no jail time. He would also explain everything he did on my case and why he did it, which I really liked. Every time I had concerns, I told him about my concerns, and he was always responsive. I feel like he really advocated for me.”
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