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Assault with a Deadly Weapon

Dismissed. We had to gather evidence to show that the alleged victim was actually the aggressor. We were able to convince the DA that our client was actually the victim in the relationship.

Grand Theft

Dismissed. We had to negotiate with multiple DAs and then a supervising prosecutor to allow our client to get rid of the case by paying the alleged victim the disputed amount...

Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated

Lowered to DUI with Injuries

Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Lowered to misdemeanor with no jail time.

Felony Assault

Lowered to misdemeanor simple battery (which just means offensive touching). No jail time.

Domestic Violence

Lowered to misdemeanor Disturbing the Peace. No jail time.

Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale

Dismissed. We wrote a motion to suppress evidence due to police wrongdoing and the judge granted the motion. The evidence was suppressed so the DA's office dismissed the case.

Identity Theft, Felony Reckless Evading the Police

Dismissed. We successfully petitioned for our client to complete a program in drug court instead of going to state prison. After he completed the program, the case was dismissed.

Possession of Methamphetamine for Sale

Dismissed. Along with the case above, we petitioned the court to allow our client to do a drug program instead of going to state prison. He completed the program and the case was dismissed.

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Recent Results

Results mean everything to my clients, and I always strive to get the case dismissed first because that's the least stressful for my clients

Results-Oriented Law Firm Serving Orange County, LA County, Riverside County, and San Bernardino County

Sidebar Img“We care a lot about our clients, and that’s what makes us different.”

Getting Our Clients the Best Result Possible

The legal system can be a scary place and our clients come to us for our guidance. Our goal is to do whatever we can to make life for our clients normal again. We limit our focus to only 2 areas of law: personal injury and criminal law. In both of these areas of law, our clients come to us because they are being taken advantage of. For our clients who have been injured, we strive to make sure they get the compensation they deserve and the medical treatment they need. For our clients who are facing criminal charges, we make sure the system treats them fairly and does not take advantage of them. In both of these types of cases, we do everything we can to get our clients the best result possible because results mean everything.

Why We Focus Specifically on Criminal Law and Personal Injury

We want to stick with what we are good at and continue getting better at what we do. Over the years, our clients have come back to us seeking help with these two areas of law (criminal law and personal injury), and we have found that clients in these two areas of law tend to be taken advantage of the most. The criminal justice system bullies people and insurance companies don’t want to pay injured people what they deserve. That is why we focus EXCLUSIVELY on these two areas of law.

We Focus on Our Clients

Our best results in court have come from being creative and finding different ways to get our clients results that work for them. As a law firm, we exhaust every avenue possible to get our clients the best result possible, and to accomplish that, communication with our clients is key.

Being There for Our Clients

Most of our clients are going through very tough times and look to us for guidance. The one thing you can expect from our firm is that you will always know what is happening with your case. Aside from being aggressive, there’s also the human aspect and that’s why it’s important to be compassionate. As a lawyer, you have to be there for your clients because they’re trusting you to look after them at a very challenging point in their lives.

Client Testimonials

I was fighting a federal felony case and I was looking at 3 and a half years of prison time--at least. Nghi fought for me every step of the way. He was always there when I had questions. I ended up getting no jail time.... read more


I was charged with felony DUI with Injuries. Nghi did everything he could to lower my chances of getting deported so he was very strategic in making sure that I was only in county jail and not state prison. He was in constant contact with... read more


Nghi represented me on a federal case. I was facing more than 2 years in federal prison. I ended up with one month. Anytime I needed Nghi, he was always there for me, even after my release from prison. He's the type of lawyer you... read more


Nghi represented husband on a big federal case. My husband was looking at around 15-19 years in federal prison. His former lawyer said he'd get around 11 years. Nghi ended up getting my husband a little more than half of that. Aside from the great... read more


Nghi represented me on two felony cases. On both cases, I was facing state prison time. The first was for an assault and the second was a gun charge. The first one got dismissed. Nghi strategized with me every step of the way and explained... read more

-St. Pa.

My son has been diagnosed with mental health issues. He has been accused of a felony assault by the prosecutor who wants my son to get state prison with no consideration for his mental health condition or needs. Attorney Nghi Lam has been extremely responsive... read more

-G. Hughes
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About Nghi Lam

I spent most of my childhood on welfare because we were very poor. My parents and I came to the United States as refugees and we didn't have much. I never knew that my experience as a poor refugee would serve a purpose one day but I've found that it helps me relate to my clients because most of my clients are either poor or down and out somehow.

Most people who end up in the criminal justice system come from very little. Many of them have suffered abuse, neglect, and all sort of things when they were children. This is why I don't think people should suffer for the rest of their lives when they make a mistake. I think people have the ability to change and become better people. Also, having seen things that happen in poor communities, I know that there are many instances of people being accused of things they didn't do. Being able to understand this has made me a more compassionate lawyer.

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